QR codes for bikes in Aarhus

In a collaboration between TAGLOCK and Aarhus Cykelby (part of the municipality of Aarhus, Denmark) 140.000 free stickers with unique QR-codes have just been distributed by the postal services to households in selected suburbs of the city. Each household has received a small info-folder, including 4 TAGLOCK stickers to put on bikes for tracking purposes. The folder describes how one registers the stickers by scanning the QR-code with a smartphone whereafter you type your email adress to establish a link. Additionally we have shot a simple video explaining what you need to do (in Danish).

TAGLOCK – Så nemt er det af TAGLOCKVimeo.

The distribution of stickers is part of a pilot project aiming at reducing the number of bikes being lost in Aarhus. Annually some 80.000 bikes are reported stolen in Denmark. With unique QR-codes on the bikes we hope, that lost bikes will be spotted by fellow citizens. By scanning the QR-code the finder can anonimously send a short message to the owner, including the location where the bike has been found.

The project will be evaluated over the coming months in order to decide whether on not the rest of the households in Aarhus should receive QR-stickers.

For further info contact: info@taglock.dk

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